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10 Infamous Presidents or World Leaders

posted 1 Oct 2010, 05:08 by Mpelembe Admin

The true measure of a man is how he or she is remembered.
Among the great people of history, a few of our world
leaders will be remembered for their actions-not positive,
but negative. Some will be remembered with horror for the
things they caused to happen, the deaths that they caused to
take place, the economic woes they caused, or for their vast
and outstanding attack on human rights.

Others will be remembered for the wars they began or the
questions surrounding their policies and leadership. We do
not compare these lives or leadership, merely state that
they are among those which are currently most questioned and
most notorious of all leaders of men.

Our list of the some of the most notorious or infamous world
leaders include:

1.Ayatollah Khomeini

Spent ten years as the leader of Iran and Islam. He was one
of the most strict and difficult people to please, and
according to reports, the punishment for disagreeing with
him was swift and severe.

While conversing at the Fayzieah School on August 30, 1979,
Khomeini stated: "Who's trying to bring corruption and
destruction to our country in the name of democracy will
suffer. They are worse than the Jews of Banu-Ghorizeh, and
they should be hanged. We will torture them on the orders of
God ..."

In 1988 Khomeini ordered that the court officials judge
everyone that was charged guilty and kill them. Thousands
died in prison while more than thirty thousand political
activists against Khomeini also died. Khomeina died at aged
86 in 1989.

2. Idi Amin Dada

At one time a doctor, charged with healing the sick, Idi
Amin along the way to being ruler of his country seemed to
lose that small spark of humanity. Taking power from another
regime in a military uprising, he violated human rights
excessively, and was responsible for many thousands of
killings, which historians number between 80 thousand and
half a million. Never, until his death did he offer any kind
of remorse for the starving, beating, murders or ethnic
cleansing that he brought about.

3. Hitler

Who needs an explanation of why Hitler has been added to
this list? Among the most cruel and horrific his deeds with
the Jews and the holocaust will be forever imprinted into
our memories. Responsible for several million deaths, Hitler
goes down in history as a violently made man of genius IQ who
wasn't seen as a threat to his country until far too late.

4. Pol Pot

Another in our array of the most notorious and the most
prolific killers on the list. The leader of the Khmer Rouge
as well as the Cambodian Prime minister until 1979 was
responsible for the murder of more than 2 million people.
All in all he was either directly or indirectly responsible
for the death of more than one third of his country through
mass executions and burials or slave labor of his people in
the fields. He became best known for his "fields of murder."

5. Fidel Castro

Hailed as a wonderful leader and the savior of his people,
Castro is also among the most notorious and the most hated
and feared by some. Known for perpetrating arrests against
those who even speak ill of him, he is also hailed by his
people for turning around the economy and helping them to
become more prosperous. Do you see him as a petty despot, or
a hero? That would depend on which side of Castro you ended
up on.

6. George Bush

Noted as one of the most restrictive of presidents in the
United States, Bush was president in a time when the twin
towers were torn from the ground and American's lost some
innocence along with their freedom. Who was Bush? Did he
really steal American freedom or were his reasons for war
and erosion of American rights sufficient for the actions
that he took?

7. Kim Jong Il

The leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has
been in power for more than half of his life. Among those
things he is most noted for, the deifying of himself and his
father, the cruel and brutal treatment of political
opponents, as well as his having changed the constitution of
Korea to have himself named  the "supreme leader." Sham
trials and lengthy terms of hard labor are a staple diet of
Korea under his rule. Speculation is rampant that he will
step down later in September of 2010 in favor of his son.

8. Stalin

Known , for his brutality with detractors, and for his
absolute refusal to hear a word bad about himself, he was
also noted for his support of Lenin, though Lenin would as
soon have not had Stalin to replace him. He was also known
for his hatred and rising against Hitler, as well as his
"scorched earth policy" to deal with the invaders. While he
was not the leader many would have chosen Stalin remains
virtually a legend and in fact, the structures that he put
in place for government remained so until Gorbachev came to
power in the mid 80s.

9.Charles Taylor

He was the president of Liberia from August 1997 to August
2003 when he resigned. He founded the National Patriotic
Front of Liberia and launched an uprising to overthrow the
Doe regime. This started the First Liberian Civil War. He
became a prominent warlord. In 1997 he became
president.During his presidency he is alleged to have
supported the Sierra Leone rebels Revolutionary United Front
(RUF) and giving them weapons.He also has been charged with
war crimes by supporting RUF in their killing of thousands
of civilians as well as torture. The RUF also recruited
child soldiers and Charles Taylor was accused of helping
them with this. He is currently in custody and undergoing a
prolonged trial for his crimes against humanity and war

10. Saddam Hussein

Beginning in 1979 and lasting until 2003, Saddam Hussein
lorded over Iraq with a fist of iron and killing all of
those who opposed him. Touted and denigrated as the Hitler
of modern times, Hussein drained swamps to starve out
thousands who relied upon them for food, executed literally
millions who opposed him and is also known for his ill
treatment of the wives and daughters of those who opposed
him. In some cases, even members of his own family
disappeared without a trace. Using chemical weaponry against
Iran, and even his own people. Hussein was executed in Iraq
for his crimes against his country in 2006.

The above list is far from exhaustible there are many more
infamous world leaders.

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