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Iran, Growing Stronger - Should We Be Concerned?

posted 17 Oct 2010, 02:50 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Oct 2010, 02:51 ]

Intelligence gathering with respect to Iran and their nuclear
intentions is the most important issue facing the US spy
community today. There are many other issues of a similar
nature that are on the agenda, but at this moment in history
Iran and what that nation is up to ranks number one. Why?

A number of reasons and at the top of that list is Iran's
history, culture and providence. Iran, formerly the Persian
Empire was unchallenged hundreds of years ago as the seat of
trade routes linking the Mediterranean with the East. Trade
was not limited to silk, salt and pottery, the most
significant import/export that passed between regions
trading in tangible goods were the
intangibles—culture, language, philosophy, religion,
belief systems, even the rudiments of science. The Persians
were under, or at least exposed to, the influence of other
cultures that challenged their strict lifestyle. This
required a tightening of leadership influence and in some
cases extreme measures were taken to inoculate the people
from the pressure of persuasion.

As a result the Qur'an became the absolute word on behavior
as well as faith. Of course, like many religions, various
interpretations emerged and with that fanaticism. Today
Iran's Guardian Council views the influence of the West
(mainly the US) the same as it did the harmful influence of
other cultures long ago. Looking at Iran's situation from
their perspective is a challenge for those of us liberated
from what we call oppressive government, but if we could see
it the Councils way one might empathize, a smidgeon.

It isn't hard to see how religious leaders could view our
nation as astray. A nation of egomaniacal, self-centered,
immoral, perverted idol worshippers and that's just the
leadership. I'm smiling, sort of. I said all of the above
just to make this point; Iran and its leadership don't play
by the same rules. They've been at the game much longer than
the US and they are a sophisticated, shall I say, adversary.
They know tricks we can't even conceive of and right now the
Guardian Council and their own 'Dennis-the-menace'
Ahmadinejad have their collective fingers crossed as they
lie to the world about their nuclear intentions. Everyone
knows about their deceptive ways and they know everyone
knows, but they keep on deceiving and the world keeps on

That is precisely why the intelligence community must do all
in its power to obtain verifiable information for use when
developing policy concerning US and Iranian matters.

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